Liberty Maintenance, Inc. is on the cutting edge of the Bridge Painting Industry, specializing in the cleaning and painting of complex structures.  Our crews are made of experienced employees capable of rigging, containing, abrasive blasting, and coating any simple or complex structure.

Surface Preparation
Liberty Maintenance, Inc. performs abrasive blasting using recyclable and/or expendable blast media using state of the art equipment.  We also perform other means of surface preparation depending on the job specific specifications such as power tool cleaning and water jetting.

Coatings Application
Many coatings systems are available in today's bridge painting industry. As with the cleaning operations, coatings systems are also based on specification requirements.  Liberty's experience involves the application of coatings systems including but not limited to:   Inorganic Zinc, Organic Zinc, Epoxies, Urethanes, Polysiloxanes, Intumescent Coatings, Concrete coatings, and Metalizing.

Liberty is proud of its state of the art equipment fleet.  Liberty has ample equipment to perform multiple large sized contracts simultaneously.

Liberty Maintenance, Inc.  is an experienced installer of various creative platform installations.

Liberty Maintenance, Inc. has constructed Class 1A Containments in the most challenging environments.   

Liberty Maintenance, Inc. is one of the only contractors which can provide both abrasive blasting and metalizing services.  Liberty has successfully completed multiple metalizing projects.

Intumescent Coatings (fireproofing)
Liberty Maintenance, Inc. has experience in the application of intumescent coatings on critical components of structural steel.

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